Create a communication plan

Effective and regular communication with relevant staff throughout all stages of implementing Guarding Minds at Work is critical for increasing and enhancing engagement.

  • Discussing Guarding Minds at Work at staff meetings
  • Including information in employee newsletters or bulletins
  • Providing information in e-mails
  • Including brochures/handouts with employee paycheques
  • Holding "lunch and learn' sessions on psychological health and safety
  • Identifying a contact person(s) who can answer employee questions
  • Sharing important dates, such as the launch of the Survey

Action Item

Create a communication plan to inform people in your organization about Guarding Minds at Work using these 3 statements:
  1. Why Guarding Minds at Work is being implemented
  2. Explanation of the Guarding Minds at Work components being implemented
  3. A commitment to share and act upon the results

Assessment Resource

Template Letter: Introducing Guarding Minds at Work

Use this template to introduce Guarding Minds at Work to your employees. Modify the content as needed and/or place on your company letterhead.


Psychosocial Factors

An overview of the psychosocial factors addressed in Guarding Minds at Work